Ocmer North America

CONTINUOUS TWIN-SHAFT MIXER - or 'pug mill' mixer

The XC continuous ("pug-mill") mixer is designed to produce mixed concrete based on proportioning by volume or weigh belts.  Material is introduced from two or more aggregate conveyors, cement screw feeder and flow-metered water.  The material is mixed as it progresses down the length of the mixer, giving a continuous stream of mixed concrete suitable for RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), mine backfill and other less critical high-volume applications.

The XC is smaller and much more cost effective than a twin shaft mixer for an equivalent output, per hour. 

The XC mixer is a high quality, reliable mixer, made in Italy by Komplet Italia. 

Four sizes of mixer

The smallest size, XC 100, uses a different gearbox with direct drive;  these allow the motors to be mounted at a number of different angles to suit the application.  See Specifications for full data on sizes and differences.

Feed of aggregates and cementitious materials by vane feeders or screw feeders is adequate for backfill applications and many RCC projects.  Where verifiable proportioning with tight control on weights of material in the mix design, weigh feeders can give almost the same accuracy as batch weighing.  Contact us for details.