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MOBILE CONCRETE MIXER - turn your dry plant into premix

Ocmer's Mobile Mixer converts a dry plant into premix
The Ocmix mobile mixer adds onto a fixed or mobile "dry" concrete plant to produce mixed concrete. Designed around the increasing demand for RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) in paving applications, it can be used anywhere that pre-mixed low-slump concrete is needed. The highly reliable Ocmix RG twin shaft mixer is mounted on a trailer, together with an inclined belt and loading chute to suit ready-mix, dump and Tuckerbilt style trucks. The mobile mixer can be positioned under the discharge chute of the dry plant. Features include:

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Ready to drive away. Access platforms removed, conveyor in folded position.       

cu. yd / cu. m.
cu. yd / cu. m.

4.0 / 3.0

150 / 115

5.3 / 4.0

200 / 150

5.9 / 4.5

215 / 165

6.6 / 5.0

225 / 175
 * Typical output, dependent on charging time by batch plant and assuming 30 sec mixing time after all materials have been dispensed.


If your batch controller can handle the mixer charging, mixing and discharge sequence, it can be connected to the Mobile Mixer's MCC, which includes all the necessary connection points.  If your batch controller has no mixing ability, our Batchtron Mixer Controller can handle this for you.  Install it next to your batch controller and connect it to the Mobile Mixer's MCC.  It can be set up to your mixing sequence and includes an automatic washout cycle.