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Shaft seals and bearings

75% of problems on twin shaft mixers, in the past, have been due to shaft seal failure.  Ocmix's innovative shaft seals guard against failure with two separate lip seals that form a positive seal against concrete inside the mixer.  The grease pump distributes a tiny amount of grease to each of the four seals and bearings in turn through four separate feeds that separately lubricate the bearing and each part of the seal.  Total grease consumption is only 100 grams per day, eliminating even the smallest chance of contaminating the concrete.  Any stoppage in grease flow or blockage of the distributor creates an alarm signal.  The one-piece bearing/seal mount prevents any chance of misalignment while positive separation prevents contamination of the bearing.
See Ocmix RG twin shaft mixer run Complete Shaft SealsWe also supply the RG mixer fitted with patented air purged Inpro/Seal Air Mizer seals, giving you lifetime warranty and complete peace of mind.

  Power train

Ocmix's 2-stage high-efficiency gearbox runs cool, assuring you of long life and best reliability; the top-mounted motors with V-belt drives absorb shock loads.  Molded safety cover meets OSHA requirements and positively prevents even finger access.  Its easy removal, combined with gearbox, splined shaft joint and bearing accessibility mean that if you ever need to replace any parts, you can do it within a one-day shutdown.

To ensure true mounting faces and dimensional accuracy, all mountings for gearboxes and bearings are machined with the whole mixer on the machining center, after fabrication is complete. The mark of a quality product.

Ocmix gearboxes are guaranteed for 5 years / 10,000 hours.     
Why do we say it is more reliable than others?

Discharge doors

The hydraulically operated discharge door has Open and Closed position switches plus an optional part-open switch.  The eccentrically mounted door and rubber seals ensure watertight operation and a long, wear-free life.  Dual pressure/position sensing gives a cross-check on full closing while compensating for wear.  Both full and reduced width doors are available;  the reduced width version reduces the height of the discharge chute in applications where a slightly longer discharge time is acceptable.  Door position switches are proximity type and are adjustable, with a precise positioning action.

Note the covers on the liner plate fasteners;  these are welded nuts, allowing replacement without need for access from underneath.

Wear parts

Ocmix paddles and liner plates are Italian-made ni-hard cast iron with certified minimum HB600 hardness, guaranteeing the best strength and longest wear.  Mixing arms are cast from spheroidal cast iron for toughness with wide,  streamlined design to minimize buildup.  Their 90 angle optimizes mixing action while minimizing stress of the shafts. The no-collar and one-size-fits-all arm design minimizes spare parts as well as making replacement simpler.

The Ocmix RG mixer shell accommodates more paddles than most others of the same capacity, making it the fastest and most homogeneous mixing in the industry.


Integrated mixer feed system

Heart of Ocmer's own plants, the optional professionally designed Mixer Feed Unit is quickly erected to complete the no-risk plant.  It houses a fully enclosed aggregate hopper with clam gate, cement scale with butterfly valve and water scale with large diameter discharge manifold.  Weighed admix containers can be added too.  The whole assembly, including upper access platform, stands atop the strong mixer body and is integrated into the mixer's top cover, making erection of the whole plant a simple and speedy procedure.  Structure and scale hoppers are of hot galvanized steel;  dust shell is painted. Note that air bags are not recommended for dust suppression; an air filter is used since this can handle the large volume of displaced air without any problem.

Aggregate bypass option

Unique to Ocmix, a hinged sidewall (shown part-open) allows aggregates to enter the mixer or to bypass.  In the bypass mode, the mixer handles sand, cement and water;  the aggregate discharges straight into the transit mixer as the mixer discharges the sand/cement/water slurry.  Final mixing takes place in the transit mixer;  this allows the plant to handle double the batch size, double the throughput per hour, while still gaining the advantage of better mixing and superior concrete.  Even the largest trucks can be filled in one step with only an RG7500 (6.6 yd) double shaft mixer.

Another variation is a combined cement and aggregate bypass, allowing the mixer to be bypassed completely when desired.  The cement bypass pipe is shown at left in the picture.


Access hatch

Large opening in cover allows easy access for maintenance and cleaning.  Spring counterbalanced on both sides, the hatch is easily opened.  It contains two inspection hatches;  both inspection and main hatches are gasketted and a safety limit switch is standard.  Optionally, a Key Transfer Lock can be fitted as well. This meets CE standards and positively prevents the power disconnect from being closed until the cover is shut and locked.

Mixer monitor

The Ocmix Mixer Monitor is an optional touch-screen controller that monitors lubricant levels in gearboxes and hydraulic system as well as motor temperatures and grease distributor, with alarm warning for fault conditions.  An hours counter keeps track of running time and maintenance intervals.  Motor current is monitored and a trend graph can be shown on the screen.  All data is stored and the alarm log can be accessed and downloaded as a record of performance.

ConcreteMixers.Biz high pressure washout head W80High pressure washout

The High Pressure Washout option includes two rotating jet assemblies that force powerful jets of water in every direction, cleaning every surface thoroughly.  A high-power manual gun is supplied for hand cleanup of the remaining difficult spots


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